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Beautiful Patched horse 
beautiful horse i swear!

Paradise - Wonderful Foal Pictures Not rated yet
We rescued a very sad ,sick horse back 7 months ago named Spirit only to find out that the hard work we had done to fatten her up wasn't the issue. She …

Bess Not rated yet
Any horse or pony can be trained to do this trick, which also helps to develop their ground tying (parking). Clicker training helps speed up the training. …

Bess (Brynlwydyn Bess) Not rated yet
A sweet half Arab mare.

Trew (Roseashes Trew). Not rated yet
A young Dartmoor pony. You can train any horse to do this easily. If you use clicker training it's quicker. Teach your horse to "look away" first if he …

Kitty (Holly Cream Cat). Not rated yet
Foundation bred American Quarter horse cremello mare.

Tyra (Smart Little Emily) Not rated yet
My 99% foundation American Quarter Horse mare. A real sweety too.

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Connemara ponyJess, my Connemara Pony grazing, her favorite past-time!
Connemara PonyJess, my Connemara Pony
Connemara Pony HeadJess again
Connemara PonyJess, my Connemara Pony
horse headMr ED, my horse no. 2
horse playingEd is having fun!
horses playingEd and Shimmer having fun!
3 horsesMy three horses enjoying their siesta in the winter sunshine
horse headShimmer
two horsesEd and Shimmer

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