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These Horse Anatomy Diagrams will help you understand equine anatomy. The horse leg anatomy is of particular importance if you want to know what your farrier or vet is talking about!

Every horse owner should know the basic terms of the anatomy of a horse. These equine anatomy diagrams will help you with this.

Knowing those terms will help you when talking to your vet or farrier. As a horse owners you might be faced with x-rays when your horse has a lameness problem. Not knowing the anatomy and bone structure will make it difficult to understand where the problem is.

Also knowing the bone and muscle structure of a horse will make understanding problems in training easier. Horses are like us are build of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, soft tissue structures,...

Knowing the terms for the points of a horse are the basics for anybody involved in horses...

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Points of a horse

Photo: Owain Davies

We all know what it feels like if we overdid things...particularly the next day. Or if we have a sore foot we will feel pain in our backs, hips or even shoulders from compensating. Your horse feels no different!

Misbehavior is often caused by discomfort or pain because horses don't show pain like us humans. We have to learn to look closely and interpret what we see. A basic understanding of equine anatomy will help with this.

Signs of pain in a horse:

  • stiffness
  • not going forward
  • grinding the teeth
  • going against the bit
  • sweating
  • rearing
  • bucking
  • resignation
  • going off food
  • aggression against humans or other horses
  • muscle twitching/moving the skin on or before contact
  • unwillingness to be touched
  • moodiness

Horse Anatomy Diagrams

This diagram allows you to compare the human to the horse skeleton.

horse anatomy diagram human and horse skeleton

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horse skleton - horse anatomy diagram

Photo adapted from: WikipedianProlific

Horse Leg Anatomy

horse leg anatomy

Photo adapted from: Meyer C.

Equine Distal Limb Anatomy

equine distal limb anatomy

Photo adapted from: Jmerritt

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