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Basic Horse Care tips, barefoot hoof care, horse nutrition and more to make life better for the horse in your care! A holistic approach to whole horse and hoof care.

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We all love our horses (I guess or you wouldn't be here) and we surely don't want to do any harm to them deliberately.

But we all make mistakes! And domestication is a very harsh environment for every equine. It is much tougher than any wild or natural environment. This is a big challenge for every horse owner!!!

So, do we always know what is best for them?

Only by learning as much as we can about them, can we avoid making mistakes. With this site I want to help you to make informed decisions and to avoid problems by acquiring knowledge.

In other words: to be proactive not just reactive!

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Trimming and balancing hooves is important but it is not the only secret to a sound barefoot horse. Applied Equine Podiatry brings all that together: it is Whole Horse Hoof Care.

Good Horse Care Is Essential...

  • how you keep your horse
  • The environment the horse lives in has a huge impact on the overall equine health, mental health, hoof health and therefore on performance. Providing a good environment requires knowledge about the needs of an equine.

  • what you feed
  • We all are what we eat! A species appropriate diet is essential for horse health, a content horse and of course a good coat and hooves. Read on here about horse nutrition.

  • how you treat their feet
  • Correct hoof balance impacts on gait and performance of the horse. Regular hoof care is essential for correct hoof growth.

  • how you exercise your horse
  • All horses need exercise. Correct exercise and horse training that is in line with the horses' physical condition will prevent damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments and bones.

  • even saddle fit
  • Badly fitting tack is very damaging to a horse. It causes pain, atrophied muscles, bad behavior, etc..

  • and general health matters
  • To keep your horse healthy you have to know about parasite control, horse diseases, vaccinations and general horse care.

    will impact on your equine's health and hooves and therefore on performance

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